System management

Depending on your needs we can offer you full system support or just the option to call us when you need it. Being there when you need it is the key.

Monitoring your network and systems Using a secured network environment we can monitor your servers, pc’s and network equipment. Thus we will be alerted to problems the moment they arise.
Patch management Checking each month that the servers have the latest patches (updates) installed.
System audit An one time only check of all the available system and their status. Thus mapping the possible problem points and expected reinvestment costs.
Backup plan & restore test Verification that the backup you make went correctly and a once a year verification that data thus stored can actually be restored.
Antivirus/Anti spam Verification that all the systems have a good working anti-virus and anti-spam installed. Especially if you use the Exchange server, anti spam is required. We can offer you price-effective solutions tailored to your needs.
End user support Using remote support tools, like teamviewer, we can look over the shoulder of a user while on the phone and solve almost any problem remotely. Thus reducing your downtime and limit the costs.